And you thought the Mozart one was bad? - Communist weather expert!

A Russian couple walks down a street in Moscow when the man feels a drop hit his nose.

“I think it’s raining,” he says to his wife.

“No, that feels like snow to me, dear,” she replies.

Just then, a minor communist party official walks towards them.

“Let’s not fight about it,” the man says. “Let’s ask Comrade Rudolph whether it’s officially raining or snowing.”

“It’s raining, of course” Comrade Rudolph says and walks on.

But the woman insists, “I know that felt like snow.”

To which the man quietly says, “Rudolph the Red knows rain, dear.”

Posted this myself on a Russian themed airsofting forum a while back :smiley:

:lol: That’s just bad enough to be good. Nice! :smiley:

Sounds like something the FOX network would use… LOL

Even Fox wouldn’t carry something that sick!!! :lol: :lol: :lol: