Android = Googlemail or Gmail??

If you have a googlemail account, you have doubtless been bombed with requests to change to gmail.

If you already have an android 'phone and a googlemail account, DON’T CHANGE! Based on my personal experience, it causes mucho problems, and a swift tour round the 'net shows I am not alone. In my case, google talk and the Android marketplace downloads stopped working, other people have had the same/similar, some report it has fixed itself, others that a factory reset and re-entering of data was required. But then they had to re-buy their apps…

In my case, changing back to googlemail on the PC fixed my 'phone before I walked back to it. I guess this is because although you can have multiple email addresses on Android the main google/gmail account is stored at a very low level for use by the market etc. and can’t easily be changed. For this reason if you don’t have an Android 'phone yet, or have no intention of getting one, I’d say you are OK to switch if you want to.

All based on my personal experience, but I’m not alone. And a really crap performance by Google here :furious:, encouraging users to switch knowing there are problems, and not fixing said in a timely manner.

I did a factory reset on my phone the other day and did the change then, so I’m now AND :slight_smile:

I’ve not installed most of the apps I have tried as yet, or the 3 I have purchased. Thats a job for the weekend.

Cheers for the heads up - shouldn’t affect me as I have a Gmail address anyhow - got one back before the copyright infringement thing in the UK.

Just to be clear with this. My gmail was one of the origonal ones ( but also works with googlemail. Its all setup and running with mail, calendar and checkout.

When I setup my phone should I use .gmail or .googlemail ?

gmail m8, just don’t switch from one to the other once one domain is linked to the 'phone

Ah, thanks :thumbsup: