annoying problem

hi peoples,

i had a disk lose all its partition information a few days back. so i took the disk to a mates house and thanks to curly i was able to recover the data that was on the disk. well after recovering 110gb of stuff i re partition the disk, reformat and then copy all my data back to the disk. all is fine in disk land, or it is at my mates house…

so i get the disk home, reconnect it to its ide cable. turn the pc on it finds the disk with no problems and starts to load windows. i get the windows splash screen and then it hangs. this only happens when the disk that lost its partion info is connected. i tryed to boot to safemode and it doesnt even sucseed there. the screen goes blank and thats all that happens, im kinda at my wits end as i really need the data thats on that disk and i seem to have no way to get it…

anyone got any ideas???


So if I understand correct this is 2 or more drives in a system

The drive your booting from is OK, but the drive your connecting causing it to hang ?

Question… If the above is correct is the boot drive also partitioned ?

total of 4 disks in the pc, including the one thats not working(so its disconnected) the boot drive is fine. as are all the other drives. im at my wits end with it tbh. even tryed the disk in another machine i have hanging arround (a linux box) and that failed to detect the disk in its bios…

yes when i reconect the drive the machine fails to boot into windows, tho the disk shows up in the bios with no problems…

quick obvious one - did you change the jumper settings on the drive when at your mates house ?


no, no changes were made to the disk its been a slave now for as long as i have had it…

Curly’s guess of the week… try diff ide cable/on diff controller, had a drive that did this once try changing the power connector, what worked for me was once power connector was in wiggling it slightly.


aha - well there it is - it’s rebelling and joined the peoples front of judiah :moon:



tryed 3 different cables now, and in 2 seperate pcs, but still no joy :frowning:


just checked to see if i could rma the drive as i think its borked but as its a replacement drive from an earlyer rma they wont rma it again,

thats the last time i ever buy a western digital drive!

My reason for asking :wink: could it be that the drive has changed its drive monica

i.e. if it was coded as being Drive d: in your system… Did it get altered when on the
other system.

Could be in the situation where in the System registery you have a clash of drive name’s
to the actual drive names.

I.e. 2 drive’s have got the name d:\ for example…and in that respect your registry entries pertaining to both drives could be having an identity crises.

yes the new computer assigned it a new drive letter, but when you swap drives between winders box’s and you import the drive you can chose what letter to assign it. my problem is that i cant even get into windows to run diagnostics on the drive coz the machine hangs just after the boot screen gets splashed up. even in safe mode it hangs before it starts loading things,

i think im gonna have to get a new drive. tho without a job thats gonna have to wait, im just glad my mate has a large chunk of the stuff that was on it still on his network

It may not be… but its something that has brought a system of mine to a halt before
I’ve had 3 drives and about 7 partitions accross those 3 disks and had issue trying
to connect a 4th from another system and that was due to the drive letter.

Just try disconnecting all your normal drives

Except CD drive and the Dodgy drive

Boot your XP disk and get to a dos prompt

See if the drive is accessable… check its Drive name… then re-assign it a new name
outside the range of your normal drives.

ok tryed that pmm, this time the machine failed to even detect the disk…

i think its just a dead disk :frowning:

Whytefoxx is going to contact WD tomorow and see about getting us a refund or a new drive, preferably a refund so we can get a good drive some a good manafacture

thanks for all your help

Does sound like it :frowning:

Cannot say I’ve ever had a WD failure, but I’ve had drives in the past that are just

Had one that would only work on its side :confused: that one baffled me.

this is the second WD to die on me in less than a year. to say im unimpressed is an understatement.

/me touches wood - only ever had one of the IBM deathstars go on me…

then I tend not to keep HD’s longer than 18months before moving them along :chuckle: Is this one of the WD drives you got from me ? :eek:


How big is this disk ?

I had a problem with a win2k system that would happily see a 200Gb disk as one volume.
Until it reached 138Gb full then Windows asked me “Do you want to format this drive ?”

110gb, was full (about 3gb fee) when the partition vanished… its been full for about 6months now without a problem too :confused:

i have no idea mate, even if i did get it from you that one died and got rma’d and replaced with the one that i have now…

i know the original came from tpr, but i cant honestly remember who i got it from, it was a long time ago…

Hmm, WD extend it’s warranty.

Here comes the cavalry!

I spake thusly to Western Digital-
This is the 2nd faulty 120g drive we have had from Western Digital. We initially chose a WD drive as we felt that we would receive a quality item with a reasonable lifespan. However, having had to RMA the first drive at approx. 18 months old, I now have the replacement drive on my desk; which at a mere 7 months old has de-partitioned, lost all of my data, and despite the attentions of my local IT consultant causes my PC to fail to boot when installed. The PC in question has been fully checked by said qualified professional and is fine otherwise and works perfectly with the Maxtor drive which I have purchased as a stop-gap.

It seems that the HDDs which you are selling are not fit for the purpose that they are supplied for (ie data storage on an average home/office PC), and your 90 day warranty on RMA-ed disks is a convenient way of wriggling out of the standard guarantee period (Which I see you are the last major supplier to increase to 5 years, to me that says a lot about your confidence in your own product). I shall be seeking advice as to my statutory consumer rights regarding this ongoing problem, however I am contacting Western Digital first to present the oppertunity of re-embursing me for at least the partial cost of a replacement drive, all the engineer’s time spent trying to get your faulty hardware to relinquish my data, the loss of the data, etc.

I shall expect a reply at some point before August 5th. :argue:

To which came an impressively prompt response-
We cannot refund you as we did not sell you the drive, but we will send you another drive now and pay for the shipping both ways, despite the drives warranty having expired. The drive will be sent under RMA: #*********. . Please use the UPS return label that you will receive by e-mail within 48 hours to return the defective replacement. UPS: 08457 877 877.

I was more fed up about the 2nd drive only lasting 7 months than the 1st drive going (as it was ‘pre loved’), and was combination Venting and angling maybe for some beer money to shut me up :drink:

Thanks Spaceboy for being a #1 IT support engineer :stuck_out_tongue: