Another great mountain drive [ Pictures of course ]

Sadly due to some dude gettin lost in the mountains my trip was somewhat cut short as roads were closed to emergency services only :frowning: , so only got a handful of pics, none of the top of the mountain sadly.Will go back there when I take delivery of my new DSLR.

The wheels

The destination in the distance

Arrving on the somewhat beaten track

A closer view of were I was heading

Thanks to the purity this is all good cold drinking water, my god was it good

Again like I said in the start, thats as far up as I got before being turned round, so went for a two hour drive instead, but wasnt in the mood to take more pictures.
Did get this one which looks like a view from Canada to me, amazing.

Till next time…

Fab piccies m8y :slight_smile:

That ain’t a road it is a cow path. :slight_smile: What the heck you doing there, looking for :alan:

Nice shots of the scenery. Too bad you can’t find vistas like that in the SE U.S.