Another SKZer

Well I decided to join the rest of the crew comming over from SKZ. This is my 3rd and hopefully last team I will join. Looks like it will be much harder to crack the top 100 on this team. I saw this on the seti website about this team “Rising from the ashes of former Teams, we have come together to create a mighty fine force” so I guess its make sence that us former SKZer join up here to help TPR make the top 15 teams or better. Nice to see some old names here I know and I look forward to chatting with the rest of the team. :slight_smile:

Glad you could join us Chris, I am sure you will enjoy it here :slight_smile:


Welcoem To our Home.
Sorry about the ending of your team, but I’m sure we can help
you to settle in and feel at home here.

Enjoy, have fun, as I’m sure you will :nod:

Welcome to the Team Chris :wave:

Welcome :wave:

Welcome! :wavey:

Welcome to the team! :wave:

Welcome to the team. :slight_smile:

Welcome mate to the team, yes this team is a challenge in rising up the divisions look at me for example…

        12000 plus... and i'm still finding it hard to keep in the top50... still that's the challenge mate... :)

Welcome :smiley:

Welcome to the team :):cool:

Have fun and enjoy ur self here :slight_smile: