Anti-Screen Saver device

Well the benefits of going to the TPR Lan is that there is always somebody with an idea you have not thought of :smiley:

In this case all credit to Jon Higgs - In conversation I mentioned works computers are set to go to Lock screen after 5Mins ((This annoys me greatly - more so given that I’m the I.T. Guy but policy set by Group)). lol Nothing worse dealing with one computer with information on others screen for it to time out.

Hense mighty good suggestion by Jon, for a Mouse Wiggler essentially :slight_smile:

So I spend Sub £3 for a AtTiiny85 :smiley: throw it a sketch through Arduino software and bish bash bosh :smiley: 1 * Auto Wiggeler Moves mouse pointer 1 pixel about every 10 seconds then back minus 1 pixel. And I don’t even notice it :slight_smile:

Happy Bunny.

DigiStump Board Manager
Digimouse Script from examples lib with half the tat stripped


    #include <DigiMouse.h>

    void setup() {
      DigiMouse.begin(); //start or reenumerate USB - BREAKING CHANGE from old versions that didn't require this

    void loop() {
      // If not using plentiful DigiMouse.delay(), make sure to call
      // DigiMouse.update() at least every 50ms
      // move across the screen
      // these are signed chars
      DigiMouse.moveX(1); //right 1
      DigiMouse.moveX(-1); //left 1

lol - nice, reminds me on a game we used to play as a clan on here, KingsOfChaos and autoclickers?

Was still playing kingsofchos 3 years ago lol :rofl: that maybe a story for the next lan :joy:

I do like a good story.


Windows 10 Store, search for Move Mouse :slight_smile:

Can do more than just move the mouse, but very useful!

had to be something not installed :slight_smile: