Any chance of old style stats ?

those with days to catch next man ect ?

[QUOTE=Wallis;406781]those with days to catch next man ect ?[/QUOTE]yeah sure if you want to code the app that can download the xml file sort it to csv files…etc, seriously though you will have to ask Doubletop maybe it can be done as an addition to the Stattomatic.


DoubleTop has very little time on his hands now :frowning: Football twice a week and darts once a week means those evenings where I would code for fun have kinda disappeared :frowning:

I have to switch off and veg in front of the telly at some point :lol: The last time I thought of doing some stat work was to do some extensions to Kevins perl, as that is all automated and I had to learn perl for work late last year :slight_smile:


You could always try this link

is that the one that tells us we are out producing OCUK ? , yea thats the one :slight_smile: