anyone else hate macs?

I am forced to use macs whilst at work and I can not explain just how annoying they are. I found this movie which sums up my feelings beautifully.

anyone else feel the same?

Haven’t used a Mac seriously since the Mac Classic. However I do feel similarly about Windows and Linux fairly often. Someone once replied when asked why his OS of choice was so good. “It not, it’s terrible, it’s just the best there is at the moment”.

aye, when i went art college i had to used macs, hated em… i really cant stand em. macs are quick i know but i doubt its quicker than a xp2700 with 768mb ram :wink:

Aye, I haven’t had good experiences with 'em. The first Apple I had was an older one, and it used a wierd video plug, couldn’t find an adapter so I tore it apart. SCSI hard drive, gave it away, 32MB ram, put it in my pentium.

But my more recent experiences are bad. Have those little I-Macs in the college library, been a long while since I’ve been on them becuase they lock up every 10-15 minutes and freeze for about 20 seconds. The only thing I use the Macs at the college that are classified as supercomputers for is internet surfing:lol:

I found the inherant lack of compatability prevented my daughters Imac from ever suffering a virus or trojan despite years of regular MSN messenger file exchanges.

Freepornviewer.exe was literally a fish out of water.

Still running, doing a unit every 19hours on the screensaver version of Seti.

But with Microsoft halting development of IE for the mac its as good as dead no matter what fancy colours you paint it.

I suppose this thread would be a poor place to try and sell a 3yr old Imac :chuckle:

Well someones got to stick up for Apple and it may as well be me :stuck_out_tongue:

Macs are lovely, they’re the best looking computers available today (and I’ve got a modded Coolermaster for a case) bar none, OS X is a fantastic operating system, virii are not a problem, I could go on for a while.

There is no PC laptop that even aproaches the drop dead gorgeousness of a Powerbook and the iBook range is also fantastic, the 12" version is just sooo damn portable :slight_smile:

Once you get used to the idea that you’re not using windows, Macs are fantastic. Although they do have 1 very big downside, PRICE!! Which is why I’m typing from a PC :flip: