Anyone know how long the servers will be down?

Sorry gang,

I don’t follow what’s going on with Boinc too closely as I’m usually on the folding side…but as I no longer have access to Stanford from work, I swapped one of my boxes over…only to find the servers have been down for the last ~36 hrs.

Any news?

New schedule - see here

This is probably a FAQ question then…but any way to get BOINC to store up a couple extra units so it’s not sitting idle for 3 days while the servers are down? It’s annoying as all heck to have a machine capable of doing work, but not able to for both projects I’d like to contribute to.

The only real answer to that is to choose a few more projects. You can give them a low priority so they do very little when your favourites have work, but kick in at times like this.