Anyone live in Bradford, West Yorkshire?

I’m watching a ebay auction for the whole video collection of B5 and it’s pick up only so I’m looking for someone local to the buyer to pick up and have set to me via P2G

Anyone local that can help?

I live in Leeds and can pick up if required.

Great stuff, I’ll contact you if I win :smiley:

Going to say I’m Leeds as well but if Kefkef can drive he’ll probably be a better candidate.

Strangely enough, i’m a B5 fan myself. I started buying all the videos a few years ago, got to about season 3 then stopped. Bought them all this year on DVD from ebay at about £15 per boxset.

Currently into Battlstar Galactica and got all 3 box-sets recently.

Oh don’t get him started :lol: He’ll be looking at Stargate Atlantis, BSG & no doubt Star Trek next…not to mention CSI for me :smiley:

Kef, if he does win and you collect them for him then I could get them from you at mojo’s if you’re deffo going :slight_smile:

I’m in Bradford if you need owt ferrying about… i’m working over Manchester way soon, so it wouldnt be a problem :slight_smile:

i might even stick my head into mojo’s for a few :glug: as well

Hmm that might be an idea actually Gizmo, if you think you could make a trip to Crewe while in Manc?

I’ll leave it to Barry to sort though, since they’re his vids :smiley:

yeah, get the kettle on and get Barry to sort the flippin’ directions out for me :stuck_out_tongue:

Sounds good to me, Ill gte the sellers address :smiley:

Thanks dude and thanks for the offer kefkef!

No Probs. Have fun with Sheridan, Delen, Londo, G’kar, Mr Morden and friends!