Anyone live near....

Doncaster that has transport and a bit of free time in about a week’s time? If so, I need to ask a huge huge favour :smiley:

PM me if you think you may be able to help out.

Cheers :smiley:

Cant help you, but got really curious;)

:lol: I need something collected from Doncaster and delivered to Crewe, and as we don’t have a car, I can’t :frowning:

Is this said “something” of a delicate or personal nature? :eek:

No… actually, don’t answer that… I’m not sure I want to know… :rolleyes:

Sorry guys, I’ve been thinking again … much more of it and I will need to have a month off with stress :lol: :lol:

Anyway … this might be a good opportunity to revive the old TPR locator map idea :smiley:

Linky here in bottom post … (and hi or low res piccy links at the bottom of it)

If Damski is a little busy, maybe someone else could take it over :shrug: