Anyone Live

Up Norfolk way ??
Like Cromer Area ?

Norwich m8

I want more up near Cromer, Sheringham, Caister area.
Unless you know what those areas are like :smiley:

the man you need to speak to is Allen from caister :smiley:

:boggle: Who ? Where ?

Originally posted by Karlloss
the man you need to speak to is Allen from caister :smiley:

Is he a big roller?



My girly is from King’s Lynn, she’s been to Cromer a few times. Says it quite nice, but cold. :shrug:

All I want to know really is what it’s like to live in, well, those
areas I mentioned as I don’t want a Large town/city.

I need a quiet area as I need less stress, especially after the
transplant :scared:

Come up North mate… no shandy drinkers & beautiful countryside… and you can get a decent house for 1/3rd of the price you’d pay “darn sarf” :wink:

To flippin cold m8 :lol: The wife don’t like the cold

Come down to Plymouth:D

Got loads of quiet countryside here where there’s not another house for miles, or you can also stay near the town centre (not very quiet and peaceful here though :lol: )

Originally posted by dalethfc
:boggle: Who ? Where ?

here you go m8 ex-skz just mp him he wont bite :smiley:

:cheers: for that, just pm’d him :smiley:

if you like that area look at Southwold and surroundings - lovely part of the world