Anyone Seen my Favrite Shirt ?

i seem to have left it some where around here. Damm and i just bought it the other day . ohhhhh well can some one least turn up the heat a bit please :slight_smile: its a bit chilly in here lol :wiggle:

Total credit 80,687.54
Recent average credit 272.04

:funknana: :banana: :funknana: :banana: :funknana: :banana:

Put those nipples away, man :scared: Top crunching matey!!

/shields eyes and blindly hands over official TPR shirt…:wink:

Congrats Steve! :thumbsup: Well on your way to graphic nudity! :wink:

Well crunched Steve. Won’t be long till your totally β€œNaked as a jay bird” :smiley:

Nice one Steve:thumbsup: