Anyone used this ISP ?

I’ve been looking at moving away from BTOpenworld since they limited us to 150 hours per month. Has any one used these guys

Seems far too good to be true, £6.99 for unlimited hours ?


Moving to virgin internet thats unlimited for £13 a month tomorrow and seems pretty cosher.


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:chin: [/B]

Ummm…nice find that man, surely if you pay for “unlimited hours” you are entitled to them. What I really want is an ISP that is going to let me connect to EVE for 6 hours at a time without dropping my connection or terminating my contract. Oh and that doesn’t cost a lot.


You will be lucky m8

on clara at the mo 14.99 a month for 120hrs…bit of sod tbh they have canceled my account due to me using it more then they like…

Next option is plus net they have a range of accounts to suit your needs.

Thing is you tell them how much time you need and they will class you has a heavy user :frowning: add to the fact theres not many ips out there that don’t have a 2hr cut off :frowning: