Anyone used Ubuntu

If not, and you’re on the lookout for a half-decent Debian-based distro that is good for lappy’s and more “standard” desktop environments, then Ubuntu is definitely worth a look.

I installed it on my Win 2003 Server that is also running Virtual Server 2005, installed it as a virtual server a la VMWare. It is quick, slick and definitely something the less linux-savvy can use. Saying that, it’s no Fisher Price distro, there is a bit of behind-the-scenes work to do but it is real easy to use…

Just had a quick look at the site. :thumbsup:
Now downloading the .iso so I can have a play … I’ll keep you informed of this 2cnd attempt at Linux :smiley:

downloaded and burnt .iso to disc … tried (5 times) to instal onto a spare 4.2 Gig HDD. Kept giving me Bootstrap error - probable disc error :frowning:

dunno if it was the writing to disc (8x speed) or a corrupt .iso download :confused:

the actual instal interface looked nice n easy tho :smiley:

will have another try during the week :wink:

I’ve got Ubuntu running on a buch of boxes and cannot praise it enough for its ease of installation, use, upgradability, optimistation, and devices that it recognizes.

A definate thumbs up here :slight_smile:


oh bugger … completely forgot to D/L that again :rolleyes: