Appeal for help

I recently went over to Wanadoos surf and talk package - which includes Volp and their own wireless modem. all great until the last month, it wont stay connected for much more than 10 minutes any more, even at the start it would drop after about 2 hours.

i have filters on both extensions, the third has no phone at the moment so i assume it does not need one.
connectivity signal strength is low but surely this wont drop the line, just necessitate packet resends?
and lastly, when it disconnects during a VolP phone call, it takes out the other persons number for about 5 minutes until the line clears!

any ideas before Wanadoo get it in the neck? :mad: not knowing much about networking, i need some idea of what might be causing it before i try to communicate with some drongo on the helpline. :rolleyes:

TIA folks

I had a problem much like this, couldn’t figure it out for ages (swopped routers, modems etc), then got a BT engineer out to check the line, and he found that there was a loose wire going from the pole to my house, and that the outside drop cable from said wire was frayed also. He replaced them within an hour and never had problems there since.

Do you still have your old modem/router to give it a try?

i was on dialup previously :frowning:

but quite impressed with Wanadoo tonight, got through to someone who knew his stuff! looking at a recovery CD to stop the livebox/modem from constantly resetting itself. failing that they will send a new modem. also advised i get an engineer to check the line.
no instant fix, but better than i was expecting.