Argh! Noisy f**king car

Maybe this is in order!

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He certainly wouldn’t have much luck driving any more :slight_smile:

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As a first step, I would just slide a print of those noise reg PDFs through his letterbox one night & hope he gets the message.

Good shout, I’ll post them second class :slight_smile:

Plus print off the page about EU noise policy, 74dB max.

I’ve had a quick look around as I know I’ve seen regulations on maximum noise output with regards to race tracks before, but the best I could find was from the MOT testers manual :

7.1 Exhaust Systems
Reason for Rejection

b. a silencer in such condition, or of such a type, that the noise emitted from the vehicle is clearly unreasonably above the level expected from a similar vehicle with a silencer in average condition.

I’ll keep looking as I need to arrange an exhaust for the 'stang in the coming weeks.

Edit : Goodwood have a noise limit of between 98 and 105 db depending on the race and number of vehicles on track. Still looking…

This E.U. page has it, part 3, point 2:

  1. The Directives lay down limits for the noise level of the mechanical parts and exhaust systems of the vehicles concerned. The limits range from 74 dB(A) for motor cars to 80 dB(A) for high-powered goods vehicles.

if he’s 32 you’d expect he’d listen to reason. just go round and ask him to leave the noisy pedal alone 'till he’s out of the street. explain how much damage it does to your engine, thrashing it before it warms up.

Problem with going around and having a few words is that if he doesnt listen to reason (I know plenty of idiots in their 30s) and you start getting official on him, he’ll have a pretty good idea who’s responsible.