Asteroid Named for Dr. Jill Tarter

[b]The International Astronomical Union’s Small Bodies Naming Committee has officially named asteroid 74824 after the SETI Institute’s Dr. Jill Tarter.

Asteroid 74824 was discovered on October 12, 1999 by Dr. Charles W. Juels, one of the top 50 discoverers of minor planets. He began his search for minor planets in the same year that this asteroid was identified. Dr. Juels has approved the naming of his discovery after Dr. Tarter. The asteroid may be a few hundred meters in size or up to 1 kilometer in diameter, and is in orbit around our Sun. Click here to see the orbit of the asteroid.

This is the second asteroid named for a member of the SETI Institute leadership. Asteroid 4859 was named for SETI Institute Board of Trustees member Andrew Fraknoi in 1992.[/b]

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Asteroid Named for Dr. Jill Tarter

i think that is a great Milestone for all setianer…


Dr. Jill Tarter

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