Attention to Folding@Home GPU crunchers

There’s some very pretty cards there for not much dosh, the 4870 will see you a few ppd with the new drivers.

Worth a christmas upgrade perhaps?


Which is the best bang for buck?


I think Nvidia are best - My 260GTXs (216 core) knock out about 7500 ppd,and according to the forums a HD 4890 does about 4000 ppd and they cost broadly the same .

try this lot then, for reference I’ve gone a little Christmas silly and ordered a 260 from here and a 5770 as well to run some little bench tests. At those prices, pretty sure that after a little testing I could get back a large proportion of the outlay back from eBay and have a few days of fun testing :smiley:

I was looking at the ECS motherboard+cpu bundle, a lowly 754 socket 3200 that I could make a reasonably cheap GPU cruncher from. A few days of fun for sure, I must admit to struggling to ignore the i7 cpu and board that Gibbo posted. I think the car deserves a decent service and check over after the last few days of pulling people out, and the MOT is due January anyway :frowning:


Thinking of a Gtx 260 216 after xmas…

Never liked ATI even if it is better.

so something like this is a good upgrade to my ageing 8800GTX? can someone find me a better GPU/bargain?


that’s the one I’ve got, and there are 8left at the special price.