***** ATTN :- all new members *****

For those of you who only been browsing the boards since “the kickoff”, you might not be aware of our next LAN party is approaching {LINKAGE}, it’s being held here

The food is great, the beer is cold, the LAN is a great laugh, and if you’re really lucky, you’ll get to watch me dying in a corner :devil:

Hope to see ya there.


In the meantime, you can hassle Watto in IRC #the_bullshit_free_zone on quakenet :smiley:

Oh no Wattos back online:D run for it;)

PCs and children first, It’s the PCs mortal enemy STEVIEBOY :eek: :scared: :eek: :scared:

Hey up SB nice to have you back with us :smiley:

the man with the pr)n collection now measured in terabytes :smiley: