Attn Mojos Attendees :)

The very nice Walter O Reilly has kindly stocked his car up with keyboards to take to Mojos. Unfortunately he didn’t realise I was not going to be there this weekend :confused:

Martin, can he leave them there until the next time? Failing that, Damski do you have room for them and I’ll sort something out with you :smiley:

Thanks guys :slight_smile:

He can leave them here no probs, I have hundreds myself which have “skip” written all over them :slight_smile:

Cool, thanks alot Martin :smiley: I’m gonna have to bring a trailer next time I visit!!!

if someone trips over a box of keyboards, please accept my apologies. i have NO idea where i put the damn things down…and its a bit of a haze since

They are in the VTD corner :slight_smile: