Auto Backup & Archiving

I would like to pull some Access database files from the network drives (in total perhaps 200MB) and if possible auto-zip them, with automatic naming containing the date of the backup.

I had a look at the Windows Backup utility, but it only allows there to be a single backup, and if I don’t manually remove and rename the last one it’ll overwrite/amend it, not suited!

Googling hasn’t given many results (might be using the wrong terms), and would prefer to use something with a recommendation!

Does anyone know of anything suitable?

Should do exactly what you need.

Requires a little extra fiddling to do the auto naming but very much possible.
Use it daily to back up my changed docs to another folder where I burn to disk weekly.

Works over a network, so I intend to use it to sync my laptop and PC document folders daily as well.

Free version is in bottom right. Doesn’t nag you to upgrade either.

I wrote a C++ program to do my rename. Since I had the task scheduler
starting the backup at 1:00 AM, I just scheduled my application to start at 11:00 PM.

I can make the source code available if you are interested.

I haven’t followed Drezha’s url. His solution is probably better.

Speedo I have a app that does just that. Or you can look for RAPID Backup.
Just PM with your EMAIL address and I’ll forward over a zip file. to see the Interface the new version has Zip Now support.

Worked a treat!
Current date is achieved just by using %date% and runs on windows schedules :trophy:.