Back Up Overkill?

After recieveing yet another DVD back from a mate in awful condition, I deceided it’s baout high time I back them up.:mad:

Now that I’ve started backing up My documents etc regularly, I’ve become a a bit of a back up hoe, backing up pretty much anything I can.

Is it overkill, to back up the complete DVD (say with DVD Shrink) then to also back upto my PC as a .avi and have the .avi file on a DVD with other .avi?

Is that OTT? Have I not thought this through enough?:frowning:

I mean my documents is kinda understandable. I have them twice on my PC (one on one drive, backup copy on the other) and I regularly take a CD backup of them.

Music I have on a portable hard drive along with airsoft videos and documents and also like to stick all the music on some DVD’s sometimes…(Will look at doing that in splitm .rar files soon:eek: )

At uni we’re forevering borrowing DVD’s and they dont always come back perfect so I guess having the original, use and lend the copy (.iso burn) and have the backup as the .avi files on DVD/harddrive

I think you have a slight overkill there… and also legality issuses!! but I can understand backing up as I do it majorly myself :slight_smile:

the simple anser is not to lend out your dvd’s, and im pretty sure that in the copyright info that gets flashed up on the disks themselfs it says something about unautherised lending/copying etc :wink: