Bad news for Drezha

Dont you just love things like this

Pubs and clubs in a Leicestershire town are being urged not to sell cut-price alcohol, as part of a police campaign to discourage bad behaviour.

Venues in Loughborough are being asked to keep drinks prices above £1.50.

I live under Charnwood Council as well. More reasons to stay in meaning more pubs will again feel the pressure :sigh:

nanny state are at it again :mad:



Loughborough is a great place to spend a night out

Don’t know where he’s been to in Loughborough but I haven’t found it yet.

As for above £1.50? I don’t think I’ve been anywhere that’s UNDER £2… :shrug:

Let pubs charge what they like, but punish the idiots properly.

Held overnight, then made to clean the vomit slicks up next day, under police guard, while still dressed in the previous nights clothes.

Adding to vomit whilst cleaning a neighbours’ front path, with dad standing over me with a broom handle worked with me…

As for above £1.50? I don’t think I’ve been anywhere that’s UNDER £2… :shrug:[/QUOTE]

I was thinking along similar lines, Fosters in the SU was up to £1.20 when I left over 10 yeas ago.

I think it’s a £1 a house shot thing they’re trying to stop, i know a few places in leicester where it works out about £1 a shot if you have doubles, brain thinks is this not completely against the free market etc… surely lower demand = lower prices to encourage people in, if you’ve not got that fluctuation then what next?

Also agree with walter, if they’ve done the crime make the punishment fit, in Aberystwyth it was rumoured that the police stayed outside one of the worse clubs and people who were rat-arsed beyond there limits got a lift home or to a+e for stomach pumps, no punishment, the police just turned into there personal taxi’s!!

They stopped the happy hours and BOGOF offers in Nottingham city center and it made no difference at all.


Found a pub doing a pint of bitter for £1.75, that’s the lowest I’ve seen for a while - £2.50 in the local, mad!!!

£1.54 for a bottle of Westons Organic from Sainsburys. 4 of those and it’s a good night. I know because I’ve had 4 :smiley:

I’m out on the lash tonight, first time for a while :eek: Will probably report on local prices over the weekend - if I can remember any of it :smiley: