BBC Climate Change Exp ERROR!

This certainly explains why my BBC climate change WU continually crashed recently…


Anyone know if thats just the BBC WUs or CPDN in general.


Not all CPDN just any recent hadcm3l models. Phew :slight_smile:

Oh my…:frowning:

Yes it affects the regular CPDN too.
Got a new BBC model some hours ago, it’s named hadcm3ln_xxx
The new CPDN models will be named hadcm3lbm_xxx

My CPDN model on the media center is hadcm3lb_XxXX according to the CPDN website…

Cant see anything on the log files…

Might be an idea to force an update

My model went yesterday by the looks of things :frowning: Ah well, plan was to do just the one model per machine on the Beebs project to try to promote TPR anyway. Back to Folding goes that rig :smiley: A closer inspection of my results on the site, the kids machine has also gone as well :frowning:


Just forced an update and no change:cool:

My guess is they’ll keep the ordinary CPDN one’s cos they said it was still useful to the project but not the Beeb project:(