BBQ season

… is nearly upon us (okay, got a couple of months but you gotta be prepared) and I need to buy a new barbecue, my current one got left outside all winter and is a rusty hulk :frowning:
I’m considering going for a gas-fired one but it sort of feels like wussing out a bit, the only time man gets to make roaring flames is bbq day. Also I’m a little concerned about the taste difference between food cooked on a charcoal bbq and a gas one, anyone have experience/comments?
If I don’t go gas, I’ll probably get a decent oil drum charcoal one as we have friends over for bbq/drinks pretty much every weekend when it’s warm enough.
Basic potentials:
charcoal one: …gas one:

So what’s your preference, gas or charcoal bbq’s?

Used the charcoal & smoke variety for ages and very satisfying it was is too. Got a gas one 3 years ago and find little difference in the taste except the temperature is more controllable so the food is cooked through and without that ‘crispy shell’ :smiley: Also use it a lot more through the week because its simply less fuss and preparation.
Solved the fire lust business by getting a chiminea - lots of fun to be had stoking it and burning all the after BBQ debris as you sit drunkenly on the patio. :slight_smile:

You can also cook stuff inside the chimney as well. Gotta be a bonus.

I’d already earmarked in one of these log burners to sate the burning desires:

… but a chiminea could be a pretty cool alternative.

I think I’l seriously consider the gas route then, not sure I can stretch to the “Antony Worrell Thompson Signature 4 Burner Gas BBQ” tho at £399.99 :eek:

It truly is the king of gas bbq’s though!

I would be happy with the beach in the background about now.

OMG that bbq is better than by cooker in the kitchen right now :frowning:

One thing about grills. Get a good quality one. They will last much longer, so over the long haul, will be cheaper than buying “cheap” grills every couple of years because they rust out.

I bought a Holland gas grillback in 1997. Thing looks almost new yet except for a little grease buildup on the vent stacks. Also, got a love no flair ups, so you don’t char everything.

Essential to have faux coals imo. Something for the fat to drip down onto and make a bit of smoke with the occasional flame. Gives flavour and a satisfying degree of realism. Mines half griddle and half coal, best of both perhaps.

Log burner looks fun :slight_smile:

TBH i prefure the option of grabbing some kindling lighting a small fire putting some sausages on sticks and going for the original boyscout way of BBQ’ing :smiley:

I have a big Gas (LP) unit. Love it for big parties. For smaller parties or general we also have a electric large format unit. Now when I do BBQ I use one side of LP at the lowest settings. Low and slow is best for PORK & Beef…chicken well thats other animal when BBQ. Now BBQing and cooking outside are different animals all together…so go will something that covers the bases…also get external burners for that Sweet Corn Boil and Lobster…well only three long months till good summer cooking again…oh well.

Aw, come on Greg. Get with it. Just had my daughters birthday party on Saturday and I had to grill burgers/hotdogs for all the girls. Wasn’t too bad, about 25 F* out at the time.

Was thinking about deep frying a turkey this coming weekend, but might have to rethink that. Supposed to be windy and a HIGH for the day of about -5 F*. That might be a little raw.

As you can tell, I BBQ all year round. Just shovel a path to the grill, sweep the snow off and light the sucker.

@ Balrog: The Holland Gas Grill has a tray that collects all the grease to aviod the flare ups and channels it to a small bucket to collect it. You get all the smoke flavor from the smoke the grease gives off. It also comes with a small tray thingy you can put a couple pieces of charcoal/wood in and stick in a corner to get that charcoal “taste” too if you want. Although when I tried it, I couldn’t tell any difference.



hehe it was 80F here yesterday,
The old saying hold true I guess “Why not Minot, Freezin’ the reason” :scared:

May be freezin, but it’s what keeps most of the bad element out of the population here. They can’t stand to freeze their arse off when it dips down to 30 or 40 below zero. You have to be hard core to live here. Would also explain why August and September have high birth rates to.:wink: :devil:

LOL Just LOVE the steak branding tool :smiley:

Just my .02 but I found a very noticeable taste difference. The charcoal is far superior. But, there’s a catch here. If you use any sort of fuel to start it, then the taste is similar. You are tasting the fuel. Use a chimney charcoal starter and a piece of newspaper. The difference is phenomenal.