belkin wireless jobby

ok im at a friends house and hes got a belkin wireless G router

model : F5D7230-4

and the problem is the computer connecting wirelessly is not seeing it and the one going through it wired downstairs is seeing the net ( cos im here now) but the IP it gives is the ntl ip :confused:


A few random ramblings to try if you haven’t already…

Power cycle the modem, do you have an RF signal indicator?

The modem should have come with an installation disk. Run through the setup again (Sorry, I know that seems obvious, but sometimes things get screwed up and you have to know you are starting from a clean slate).

Connect to the modem on the wired interface via and you should get the setup screen. Verify the wireless interface is enabled. Set an SSID and then go to your wireless box and try a “view available networks”. Can you see it? If so, try “repair” the network. If that fails, but you can see it, make sure your network setting are correct. Temporarily remove any encryption and try again. Ensure MAC filtering is turned off for the moment, does that fix it? If so, then make sure the MAC address in the filter is the same as the wireless card.

Do you have an alternative rf network card for the wireless machine? The existing one may be badly installed or simply not working - was it working in the past? Aerials can easily get dammaged, especially the little SMA type screw-in ones. If the aerial is dammaged them you may not be able to see the network. Try moving the wireless box next to the modem to make sure you can get a signal.

Are there any other wireless networks in range, encrypted or otherwise? If there are then your wireless card is probably ok and the problem may lie in the modem or it’s setup.

I tend to use the XP wireless network setup wizard rather than the Belkin tool. I find that the Belkin one is cumbersome and have found that under some circumstances it can develop to a major memory leak. If you are using the Belkin setup, try right clicking on the taskbar icon and “Enable Windows Zero Configuration”. Then go to the XP wireless network setup. You may need to re-boot to ensure pick-up of the correct network settings.

Sorry, they are all a bit vague, but wireless networks can be a bit of a pain to debug remotely :rolleyes:

ye I know what you mean about working out whats wrong…

the problem is I cant hit the web based setup… Ive tried all the ips I know and its getting nothing… witch suggest to me that its brokeded… the pc isnt getting a new ip… its getting the ntl one even through the router… Ive tryed releasing the ip off the pc and renewing… nothing…even a dns flush for good measure!!

ok, try

or variations on the theme maybe that will get you in?


sorry wrong IP for the Belkin boxes!..try instead


Big button or little button, but definately one that says reset. The router has been set to the wrong mode for the machine that is connecting to get the external IP address. That’s my guess. Then as Nightlord says, Belkin tend to use or even in some cases oddly.


passing the external ip thru to an internal box…its set to router mode, not gateway prehaps?

IE NAt is disabled. Or try flashing it, if u cant get the http interface, maby the firmware corrupted, which would result in failiure to issue dhcp addresses and no configgy as u said or thry TELNET if it has the provision

Tried the nice reset button a few times with no avail!!

even tried all those ips… think its time they took it back and the boy stops messing with it before I turn up :rollseyes:


quick fix…buy linksys kit :slight_smile: :lol:

jobs a gud’un

aye :slight_smile: