Berkeley XML Stats

Have not updated again, so until they do no news for today :sigh:


I was just thinking aww thats not fair someone cant do there news today :frowning:

then thought… oh poo its me :lol: will await conformation off DT :slight_smile:

Well I have me week in revied baed on Willies Boinic stomp

Though it is up todat enough to see me Stomp Tankgirl :wink:

Edit gah, NOW Willy updates!

todays news pages uploaded :slight_smile: :woot:

(none of the stomps checked like I normally do though)


Ah good good. I’ll do the stats later tonight. Im into my new game at the moment. The Godfather. Pretty Good.

No update today? Is it expected to be late or shall I do it manually. If i need to do it manually i’ll have to do it this evening as im a bit rushed at the moment.

:confused: was done earlier I thought …