Berkerly fobbing us off?


It’s almost like they dont want our help all the time:p

I wonder what the cost would be if you kept your PC on, but switched your monitor off. I’m sure it would work out cheaper :smiley:

right said, so turn your Monitor Off :smiley:

Sir Ulli

Also depends a great deal on your cpu, how many fans you have and how cool the ambient temperature in the room is, not to mention where you live and how much electricity costs.

I’ve switched every bulb that can be low energy to a flourescent tube.
Started this a while ago and I’m now starting the chuck out the first generation of tube-bulbs that have failed.

Whilst it may be reducing the amount of CO2 and fossil fuel usage I wonder how much damage the Mercury, Cadmium and Lead in these now defunct bulbs will cause ?

There are three lightbulbs in this house that are not energy efficient, they are the halogens in the fancy light fitting in the kitchen.

The normal bulbs were not that much more expensive, however energy efficient spotlights for the darts board were ridiculous. Lots of double advantage though, the office where the spots and board are used to get real hot, and three spots kick out some heat. The £30 was well worth it, lighting is just as good and less heat produced as well.