Best VoIP packages

I’ve just been told I’m off to Boulder (Colorado) on another course again in August . its been a few years and this time I should be able to use VOIP during the lunch breaks to speak to the missus - I’ll be on my work Thinkpad - XP pro (T40) and LAN there and she will be on her laptop with Win XP home - 2meg ADSL / 802.11G (good link) this end . I need something that is very easy to use ( she’s a bit technology blind ) .
Skype is the only one I’ve heard about , but I have never indulged … any recommendations ???

Skype is great I use it for In and Out calls just like a phone. I also have Vonage for on the road/office…just take the little router with and well nice to make calls for free… But for calling basics for chat with your bride Skype is excellent!

Skype also have some system with using mobiles and texting and stuff…Never really listened when my dad was explaining it to me…(I think that was a int to phone home more…)

Certainly I like it. Works nicely to ring out on as well. I use it to ring those damn utility companies who like to keep you waiting as the cost of that is cheap as chips, espcially considering my only other option is to use my mobile. :slight_smile: