Big Brother - Who's gonna win?

Nush has gone…four left.

As boring as it has been, I have been compelled to watch it. There’s no hope for me…

So who’s gonna win?

Well, now the babe has gone, it leaves only one decent person,
Scott, as Jon can’t win.

I think Scott’s the most boring one of them all!

Jon should’ve won.

I think that Jon will win - indirectly.

Of the four contenders, I would go for Steph.

I know this was last year’s but why can’t Nush be in it again? I liked her.

I haven’t watched any of this years yet. I doubt I will either.

Where you been m8. We were a bit concerned. How’s things going?

Things are good thanks. Was just having a TPR break. :slight_smile:

Also, been ploughing my efforts into the car audio thing…if I can get this weekend off I’ll be at my first UK dB Drag Racing competition.

Been installing/uninstalling different kit, building boxes, and generally going deaf.


:lol: Nice to hear that, m8. I agree with Neal. Post some pics if you do go :cool:

I can’t go. Can’t get anyone to cover me at work for the weekend. :frowning: