Big decision

Well yesterday i made a big decision i am going back to college to do my HNC in social care. i telephoned the local college and i am just waiting on an interview from them. then i am off to univercity after that to train to become a social worker. Its a decission me and andy have been talking about for a long time now.

We have been doing a lot of thinking about this. what would i rather do sit at home looking after the kids and going back to work when Holly starts school and still have not many qualifications, or go back to college and uni and have a good qualification to go to work. to get my degree it will take me 5/6 years with my HNC included so i thought take this time and do something about me not having qualifications and mabee in 5/6 years time have a job that will be better than the minimum wage would benefit all of us

I will keep you posted on how my interview goes for college when i get it. Its quite scary thinking about going back to studying again after all this time away from it but if i keep my head down and do my best thats all i can do to get a better life for us and the kids.

Best wishes.

Nice to hear.

Nver to old to learn :slight_smile:

Dont be put off about the fact you might be older than everyone on the course. We’ve got a 30 year old on our fire course and he’s not out of place.

All the best! :thumbsup:

Same here there’s a 40 year old (clams to be :)) but he gets along fine, don’t worry about it.

Thanx for the encouragement guys i did think i was too old to start thinking about starting uni but ppl have been telling me that the local uni the average age is between late 20s and early 40s so that put my mind at ease

thanx helenxx

I remember when I started college 20 years ago. There were a lot of SOTA’s (student older than average) on campus at that time. So, a person is never too old to go to uni.

Just recently, I remember reading somewhere that an 87 year old woman either just graduated from college or was just starting.

the mother of a friend of mine is doing a psychology A level at 63. the friend is doing a ‘teaching adults’ course at 40. i didnt stop part time professsional exams until 34. go for it!

Good luck and its never too late to start something or finish something new… I managed to learn new stuff at the ripe old age of 33, its amazing how quick you remember how much you hated homework and the excuses for not doing it…LOL

Best decision I ever made was going back to college, and its a pile of fun too :slight_smile: Good luck!

Thats Gr8 news helen good on you girl! Im just tyign to scrabble round the jobs market for the moment im like you waiting to hear back from the uni lot…hoping to go and do midwifery…something ive wanted to do for a long time but I think my own experiences with the delightful ones (rofl) ive met has really spurred me on…I ve also applied to do general nursing as there is an 18 month conversion course after the nursing degree so maybe we can stalk the postie together eh? BTW is is UOP youve applied for? cos ive been there its gr8

like the catooon


SJ it will be reid kerr first to get my HNC then on to UOP if im still up this way all depends if we move down south by then i am just thinking one step at a time get my HNC under my belt first then see where i go from there its gonna be in about a years time anyway that i will be going to uni.

Thanx for the encouragement guys you lot have mad the thought of it less scary and me more determined to do it andy will tell you im stubborn at the best of times but this has made me more stubborn to get this as its so that i can give the kids a better life if two of us have a wage come in yeah it might be grants for the next 5/6 years but after that i can bring in my own money and contribute properly to the family then the sky is the limit we will be able to get decent money comming in :slight_smile:

Can i ask asdf what are you talking about (hee hee) coz you have totally lost me in that one :stuck_out_tongue: