:mad: Hey wot it is i got a 128mb usb memory stick. im in college studying b-tec and a-level electronic engineering and every thing i need is on that mem stick.
now then every time i put it in my pc it asks me to format it i have tryed many ways to get around this problem but none of them have worked.any help is good because i need the work of it to complete my college course

is there any programs to redeem the infomation or sumthing???:confused: :mad:

Have you checked to see if there is a device driver for the USB Stick on the manufactures website.

Can be the case that windows will recognise a device and recognise it as a generic drive but lacks the other information to access it properly.

I know on my PCs where installed service packs they have crippled support for some of my USB stuff and I’ve had to find a driver or copy entry’s from
old windows files to get them working.

This happened to me once.

Only way I found was to reformat the stick.

Helps if you keep a backup of everything on the stick because they aren’t that reliable IMHO

Had the same kind of error with a stick and I’m sure that it first occured after a windows crictical update or somthing… anyways it turned out that from that time onwards i was unable to plug it into the front of my pc (ie the USB2.0 port) without getting device is buggered errors but if i pluged it into my old 4 port hub (ie old USB standard) it works :confused:

Its to do with USB driver files in the /system32/drivers folder

Esp 1 called USBSTOR.SYS contains the info.