bit confuddled

I have a little problem i am totally confuddled with and dont know what to do.

I have been running my Boinc and it went weird it usually does the jobs in ordrer of the date but its going all over the place and nearly everyone that has completed to 100% keeps comming up preemptied so it isnt letting me update my account or giving me any more work its a bit confusing. So my credits are not going up i dont know what to do about this please help me.

Thanx helen xx

Sounds like you’ve come out of earliest deadline mode and are now crunching according to the scheduler.

Or mateb you’ve accidently set the client to ignore your network preferences…thats all I can help with really. Maybe a screenshot?

i havent changed anything at all with it as i dont have a clue how to i just switch it on when the pc goes on and close it when i am playing a game or switching off for the night nothing has been changed at all it is saying that it isnt giving me any more work or reporting results (what this means i dont have a clue) :frowning:

I had some strange stuff happen a few months ago. The XML file that BOINC was reading when it started got corrupted.

I fixed my problem by going to the SETI site and slightly changing my preferences. Then I did an “update” on my BOINC projects to get the new files (settings) downloaded.

This probably won’t help, but if you’re still having a problem, give it a try.