Bit of a clearout

Got too much stuff, let’s see if I can find new homes for some of it…

CPU and mobos
£70 Asus H81M-plus + i5-4570S + cooler (optional 2x4GB DDR3-1600 ram +£20)
£80 Ryzen 1700 CPU only
£90 Ryzen 2600 CPU only
£25 MSI Z170A Gaming Pro mobo only
£70 MSI Z170A Gaming Pro + i3-6100 + cooler (I think CPU has been delidded and liquid metal applied under IHS)

I need to check exactly what coolers are included where mentioned. They are in working systems currently.

£70 EVGA GTX 970 SC GAMING ACX 2.0 (owned since July 2016, didn’t get much use in general)
£400 Asus GTX 1080Ti ROG Strix OC (owned since August 2017, used in my main gaming system until recently)
£150 MSI Vega 56 (owned since September 2017, has been used for mining Ethereum and some folding)

Mobile devices (assume device only)
£40 Samsung S6 black sapphire - I think it is locked to O2. I have replaced the battery with minor cosmetic marking to the rear panel, and if shaken hard the battery can be felt moving. Should have used tape to stick down, but I’m not taking it apart again.
£40 Google Nexus 5X white, with wood effect skin applied to back. Works fine but there are reports of these developing bootloop, with workarounds available.
£30 Google Nexus 7 (2012) - works fine but hardware is showing its age in use. Kept back on official KitKat release as the Lolipop release really dragged performance down further.
£60 nvidia shield K1 tablet - works fine but battery life isn’t as good as it once was

£100 HP microserver gen8, Celeron G1610T, 2x4GB ECC ram, with drive caddies and screws. Made nice file server until I outgrew it.

There is more to add, if I can still edit this post later. I have to admit being a massive slacker so really would like to avoid posting. I intend to attend next meetup where I can take stuff with me, and would be happy to demo it. If anyone is interested do say so I know what to bring - no obligation to buy. Happy to demo or allow testing where practical. If you think my pricing is off or want to do a deal, let me know.

While at it, I’ll throw a WTB here.
i3-7350k target price £75
i7-7740X target price not much over £100
Trying my luck… kinda hoping with the recent Ryzen launches there’ll be more of these dropping for less but hasn’t happened yet. Not in any hurry, just want them as overclocking playthings and attempt some benchmark records with them.