Bloody hackers

I do believe my media center was being hacked:mad:

I thought it kept shutting down due to heat so bought some fans. When it looked like it had spyware on it I reinstalled windows and set up everything as it was before. All fine and dandy.

Except the random turnings off and reset’s happened again. Thats a bit odd I thought:confused:

Anyhow eventually VNC’d into it and kept getting kicked so I picked the actually controls on the PC and got in…Zonealarm was asking some random question as to where it could access the web…odd…also a dos window open…dont remember that being needed to be open for folding. I restarted and left alone.

I come back a bit later when I hear the mobo up… I log in via VNC and greeted with an Avast sign up saying I have a virus…firefox is also open… Someone or something had downloaded a file from some Yahoo website…(they searched for the site in Google first but didn’t find it the first time:rolleyes: )
I whips out the network plug quick…Bloody lucky it was only the flat account, not the admin :eek:

Looks like someone somehow got my VNC password for it…
Anyhow a brief check etc and some extra security features…like changed the way VNC operates now and the password… Hopefully works…Well I can also thank the fact zonealarm only takes clicks from local controls as well :smiley: Think I’ve averted that disaster… (unless they were hacking in not with VNC)


Now Folding should be back on track as well…

GRR! That didn’t work either :mad: At least they cant use the keyboard :mad:

in your flat I think you need to be asking questions of your housemates if you are behind NAT with the ports closed. I severely doubt a hacker would go for your machine, I wouldn’t :chuckle:


My flatmates cant know there arse from there elbow when it comes to PC’s really:rolleyes: Well not enough to set up a VNC server and use it (There also the reason I set up the flat account…that way they cant mess with anything they shouldn’t or accidently stop it running DC projects :chuckle: )

Though I am assuming it’s a VNC thing because none of the others have been affected and they aren’t running VNC servers…and I guess it could be someone in the residences somewhere…:mad:

ah - if you’re on a larger scale LAN than just your flat then someone is port scanning at a guess and messing. You should have logs in ZoneAlarm of the IP that caused the errors you spoke off.

Flipping script kiddies :mad:


Find out who it was, hack into their pc and install folding on it :smiley:

get the persons IP and report them :slight_smile:

Dont have log’s turned on Zonealarm I believe…unless they are on as default…

I’d guess the same as DT … bloody students :lol: :lol: