blue peter badge anyone ?


Heard about that the other day…

Apparently its being investigated by some internal BBC criminals investigation

in the sence of there seems to be millions of Blue peter badges up for sales :wink:

Look at his profile, the std ones he’s beeing selling a a buy it now £1 a pop


shes stunning thanx pmm :slight_smile: :wink:

I don’t need a badge to get a Blue Peter! :devil:

  • groan *

well the “get in free” for Blue Peter Badge winners is the cause, and the entire scheme has been halted. I know of some who have legit badges and they are most upset, and rightly so I think. Once again the profiteers taking advantage of a scheme. Won’t be long before it’s “you get a Blue Peter badge and a chip and pin card” …

The reselling has always gone on, I’ve been to car boots sales and jumble sales where these things are sold as they get you free entrance to so many places (did), Ebay has just made the reselling more visible and further exposed the “trust” scheme of the free entries.

My view, a gutting take on the way society in the UK has evolved.


Its a shame and ruins it for a lot of people.
they should not be allowed to sell em :frowning: