Bob Hope Dead

Good innings tho 100yo :eek:


yeah heard on the radio early on,

won thousands of awards in his timeā€¦

Big shame :frowning:

Heard it on Radio 4 on the way home

The guy was class :hail: :hail:

no, this is the first I heard.

'tis a shame :frowning: the man was a legend

Jerry Lewis is real sick to. Say it might not be long for him either. All the greats are slipping away. Jimmy Stewart, John Wayne, these 2, Sorry to see them go.

I was lukky enought to see him in action during the gulf war in 1990 and he had over 2,000 battle hardned troops crying, and forgeting what they were doing for a few short hours. A true gent, who when he found there were uk troops there made a special tribute to his homeland, He asked if we were missing all the rain and told us we didnt need our rain coats now and we could take them off.

A truly sad day

I thought he was already dead. :confused: