BOINC Account is open

so who has not an Account to BOINC Astropulse, go here

it is open again.

Sir Ulli

Sir Ulli you have a pm.

yes but i thougt this is too knew, and not offical

i have luck fo find the new Version, only by testing the new URLs out

the old one is

and the new one is this

for the Boinc Beta testa you should test this URL, the old one

and this isn the new one, that i figured out, so i dont know if this is all correct

and i found something interest at all

nothing about Beta ore something at the new Side, so what is going on here.

Sir Ulli

the site looks pretty final (not beta) :confused:

anyone installed the software? The only thing which worried me was the default for max disk space was 100Gb :scared:

Originally posted by AAdjuster
Sir Ulli you have a pm.

Sir Ulli is the data mining meister of Berkley. He searchs and finds out interesting urls and posts them for our benefit. He also contributes his helpful finds on other boards. There is nothing sinister about his most excellent work.

Thank you again Sir Ulli. :wave:

1.04 seg faults on my SuSE 8.2.

1.03 is ok, but can’t find a scheduler :frowning:

I can’t resolve “” which is apparently the server I should use?

Neither of them work for me! Grrrrrrrr:mad:

Just when I thought I could start boinking!:wink: