BOINC and GPU crunching

If any of you use BOINC and also have a high end Nvidia GPU (details here) and would like to use it for crunching GPUgrid units - similar work to Folding , SIMAP , Rosetta etc. Have a go here There is already a team set up here

Works on both Linux and Windows , just needs latest drivers , you can even overclock it under Linux if you enable ‘coolbits’ in the xorg.conf

For me it enables me to to maintain my interest in Linux and still use cutting edge technology for crunching , as well as participating in other projects - something I found quite difficult with Folding that only supports GPU crunching under Windows.

There is no ‘Pending credit’ but there is no partial credit given for failed WUs as in Folding - at about 13 hours and 3232 points per WU it can be quite expensive if you go a bit far on the overclock and it fails ten hours into the WU .

I see Nightlord is a major player there crunching for the Scottish BOINC Team .