Boinc Issues?

Hello Chaps,

I’ve been having a go with Boinc and running into a few issues. Any help would be appreciated?

For starters one of my PC’s had uploaded 3 wu’s and I’ve not got any credit for them! Is this normal?

The second problem is I installed BOINC on another PC and it screwed up, now I can’t seem to make it reinstall as BOINC recognises the PC and tries to continue where it left off. Is there any way I can stop Boinc recognising this PC so I can carry on crunching?

Also is there any point BOINKING at all at the moment or shall I just wait to see if it ever goes live?


You can see my problem here:


something about BOINC and Credits,

BOINC has a Result Verivication build in, so it can on ore two days Days left until the Credits are updatet.

the best way for every install, or try a new Version, is to reinstall the old Version, and also delete the Directory such c:\programms\boinc by hand.

Sir Ulli