Boinc Manager for linux

I’ve just got the new development version for linux, its been running a while actually and it is nice to be able to use the boinc manager now in the linux environment as well as windows.

For my setup on ltsp I was not able to really use boincview to control my clients due to the way my network is setup and that I have no windows machines on the same subnet as the ltsp rigs. Now I can control all my ltsp (well only three running now:cry: ) from the main ltsp server using the linux boinc manager.

Just halted a load of traffic and disk writes as I was using nohup to monitor the machines before. In theory with less traffic from each node I could put more on now :chuckle: But that’s for next winter - getting a bit warm in the loft :lol:


I have been using 4.26 (development version) for a while with no more real problems than with 4.19. The font is corrupt, but that could be my FC2 install. Not a problem as the whole point was to be able to manage everything from the Windoze machine.

that was my problem before - I needed to manage all mine from the ltsp server, which I can now do with ease. To celebrate I’ve just rigged up and turned the lot back on again :chuckle:

15" desk fan on the ltsp setup on timer :lol:


I’m just trying to get this now… am i being thick when i say i can’t see a link to download it :confused:

It’s in the top of DT’s post. :smiley:

4.43 is the current public version.

But isn’t that the Client ? not the manager :confused:

/edit… doh… think i’ve got it now :rolleyes:

its an installer in windows terms Peige, inside the directory it makes you’ll find he Boinc Manager executable :slight_smile:


Getting connection failed atm…
Using hostname ws001, would there be a password ? :confused:

no password - the connection failed must be because I wimped on you and installed 4.19, at some point after that the Boinc connection port changed so that new managers couldn’t access the older installs.

I’ve a few of the older boinc managers for *nix - let me have a look :slight_smile:


cheers :thumbsup:

appears I got rid as they all had nasty scheduler bugs in them that meant a fair amount of babysitting the rigs. Sorry.

You could upgrade your core client to the 4.45 that is the latest, then Boinc Manager would work, but I was not that convinced with it.