BOINC manager problems

I really DO NOT like the new CPU scheduler on Boinc 4.43. At first, it would never run CPDN, then when I suspended all other projects, it was fine. Now for the last week, all it has been crunching is CPDN, and the report deadline is now 12/31/1901. What happened, did the Y2K bug finally hit? All my other projects, have been doing nothing the last week or so. On my dads, machine, since I updated to 4.43, at the end of May, it hasnt returned a WU for ANY project.

ARRRGGGHHHH!!! :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad:

EDIT. just saw a new version was out, have downloaded and installed. Still same problem with CPDN.

Not sure if its a CPDN prob or Boinc… but as long as those deadlines show 1901 it’ll definitely not crunch anything but those…

104 years will definitely set in panic mode :smiley:

BTW…now that I looked Ive got a cpu at parents house thats only contacted once since 4.43, and that was when I manually made it update settings… last contact was 8 days ago… 5 day cache… might have to check on that one myself :confused:

MIne still won’t download SETI WUs. I tried suspending all my Predictor lines, but it kept downloading more Predictor lines. I don’t know what else to try. :frowning:

If you’re not already running 4.45 you should probably consider upgrading it. There are quite a number of scheduler changes. As for the scheduler itself, there is a page explains it here:

Updated both machines to 4.45. Hopefully it will be better.

I’v updated to 4.45 and it’s now downloading SETI units. It has this odd phrase in it against some WUs. It’s saying they are “pre-empted”. Any ideas what this means at all?

Switching to another project for that time-slice. It bounces around on projects remember.

They are trying to make the messages a bit more user friendly. :slight_smile: