[BOINC] New CC 4.13 out

Get it from the Seti Downloads page - so far feedback seems favourable. I am going to wait a day before installing it on the farm…

files are uploading fine so far. benchmarks seem a little higher :slight_smile:

They can get lost - only downloaded and installed 4.12 yesterday!
I’ll wait a day and install 4.14 :wink:

I presume this isn’t a mandatory upgrade yet?

The big issue seems to have been the problems peeps were having with uploads failing and stuff. 4.12 was supposed to fix them but didn’t work at all. If you are running 4.09 with no problems then there doesn’t seem much point in upgrading yet - this is my unlearned view from the bottom of the world!

So chuffed I was working from home yesterday and could not be bothered to VPN and upgrade to 4.12. Luck of the DT :wipingbrowsmiley:

I think I’ll stick with 4.09 until its mandatory.


I’ve also uploaded my boinc to 4.12 yesterday and I have no stomach for it to upload again.I will also wait a day how Mojo and install 4.14 :wink:

My 4.09 is working lovely at the moment and the WUs are piling up as is the average credit. If it aint broke,etc. etc…

carnt they come up with a auto load system for upgrades. Its getting like the forth rail bridge get to one end of your farm with a upgrade and thewn start all over again!!!

I was having problems with my home machine not pulling units, so I upgraded to 4.13. That didn’t correct it either, so I started checking preferences. I had set up a work and home preference groups, using work preferences for my slower machines and home for my faster one. For some reason, it is not reading that it is set to the home preference, but general prefs. I’ve upped the connection time and that seems to have it sorted, but still not sure why it didn’t read from home preferences instead of general.

Have 4.13 on both winderz machines since yesterday, no problems so far. Linux machines will get it tonight. Credit might be looking a little better.