Boinc on Google Earth

I have created a post on google earth, showing the locations of many of the projects, users/crunchers by country and location of HQ/servers of teams. 3&fpart=&PHPSESSID=

install GE if have not already and download the file at the above link. If you click on a project, you will see the HQ and other related location of the project ie, for seti HQ in California, Areceibo observatory in P Rico and Parkes Observatory in Australia etc.

Click on a user, a pop up will appear showing you location (double click to view location) of user, stats sig, team and other URL’s if available.

What I would like ye all to do is create placemarks or get co-ordinates of your location and post same on this thread or GE thread with your sigs etc,. If you don’t want to show your exact location, the nearest park river mountain top, beach etc will do.

If someone knows the location of Team HQ is please send co-ordinates to me with team logo.

unfortunately this is a Broadband based program, so unless you have broadband or maybe ISDN, download at your own will.

Thanks all for your time, and happy travelling around the world,


Link updated as posted one went somewhere completely different. There is no HQ for TPR, we are a worldwide team, and we have an existing locator map here