BOINC/SETI performance questions


So i got a few questions about BOINC?SETI

Got myself a shiny new toy, a Dell inspiron with intel pentium (M?) 1.86GHz and 1Gb of RAM. Had been running seti classic but now have been forced onto BOINC which i have never used before.

Have downloaded BOINC and installed it as a service, attached to seti, and got that running. No graphics etc.

Is this the best way to have this set up or is there a more sensible way to do it for best processor usage?

Have set my preferences to 10 days connections for maximum cache, and seems to have downloaded me quite a few units, so thats ok, but am just wondering about the expected unit time, the first 4 units done overnight seem to have taken around 2 hours each, is this right/too slow? is there any way i can speed this up?

Cheers in advance


/aside SETI classic final total 16717… very happy with that. I remember a thread many moons (years) ago, asking about goals in seti and i remember saying i would be amazed if i got to 10000 WU’s so, far surpassed my goals and hopefully made some kind of impact in a worthwhile project.

well there are a few optmised seti clients and optmised bonic programs that are out

should be thread here about them some where (take look in crunchers cafe) they do help speed thing up a little

but there not really and thing special to do to main program to speed it up othere than turning off any screan saver u might have …

Those times sound right to me. My AMD 1400 does units in a little over two hours.
Look here for the optimised BOINC app and SETI client which can help processing times quite alot
Be sure sure to use something such as cpu-z (which I think has a link from the above site) to see what versions you need to use.

and congrats on the classic numbers :thumbsup: