BOINC Timings

just joined onto LHC again but BOINC isn’t swapping between LHC and Predictor…

I get:

25/07/2005 14:13:49||Using earliest-deadline-first scheduling because computer is overcommitted.

How do I stop this and so they can swap like there supposed to do?

You can’t do anything about it.

What this means is that your computer has more work than it thinks can be crunched before exceeding the deadline for the results. When this happens, instead of swapping back and forth between the projects, it will process the units that have the earliest deadlines.

You could also go to the projects tab and click on predictor and then click suspend. This will suspend all processing of work units for predictor until you tell it to resume.

well it seems to be doing this regardless of the workunits I have.

Guess I can stop this by cutting down on cached wu’s?


Cut cache from 4 days to 2 from the general prefs and got the message:

25/07/2005 16:37:12||Resuming round-robin CPU scheduling.

So I’m assuming it’s worked?

Looks like it. Although I like to keep about a 6 day cache myself.

well I’d like a 4 day but if it’s not swapping then I’ll stay with a 2 day…

I’ve always got folding on my USB stick if things go wrong.

You can go back to the 4 day cache. It will take a little bit of time for Boinc to sort it self out, but it will alternate between the projects. It’s just that when it gets too much work, then it will switch to earlist deadline until it gets the amount of work down.

can only go upto 3 days with it not reverting to earliest deadline first…

Give it time, after a couple of days, it should have itself sorted.

Right Ok…