is it portable in the sense can I install it on this machine…agen…to different folder… but then take it to work on a key…do the units and bring it home ? hope so :slight_smile:


It uses the registry to hold the data.

been there, tried that :stuck_out_tongue:

I didn’t think it did anymore, I know that on the diskless setups I can run any folder that is on the server. The thing you must do when you switch the folder between machines is run the benchmarks to ensure fair credit :nod:



So I can now BOINC on a USB stick?

ill test it next week in work :wink:
thanx :slight_smile:

just tested it here. I took the Boinc directory off my laptop and put it onto my desktop no problems, well apart from now having a load of work to do for Boinc … :sigh:


:lol: thanx DT will get it sorted sunday and take rosetta to work with me :slight_smile:


There goes my Rosetta place :frowning:

It was my understanding that you could crunch them on a different machine but you wouldn’t get credit as they were tied to the computer number when downloaded. :?