Bridge signs for Chelsea … and Le Saux comes as part-exchange :eek:

Chelski sign commrad Bridgski :lol:
Or Is it Bridgeski moves to Red Square as Le Saux escapes :stuck_out_tongue:

Good news for us Fantasy Footballers :slight_smile:

Come on you blue russkies…

Chaski me ol’muka.
Hows you m8 :smiley: 20 W/U bet on our matches this season ?

Sure you want to waste units mate… :wink:

20 units on each league game.
If drawn, the home team gets 10 from the away team.
If we are drawn in the cups.
25 units ?

Okey dokey you are on mate… :cool:

Excellent Chas :smiley:

The Cup game is For the Tie, even if it’s 2 replays or 2 legged.