Build a new computer

an AMD 64 x2 :chuckle:


but wait a few months and youll see intel chip prices drop amazingly :smiley:

Me thinks DT has had one too many beers with England at the world cup - it was only 1-0 m8:rolleyes:

Have a look here It’s only for delivery in the UK but it should give you a guide price. Also look in places like etc. UK prices again, but same argument holds.

Back to your earlier question about the upgrade: I echo the comments others have made. Strip down an old machine first, put it back together and learn what makes it tick that way. A Pentium 3 833MHz motherboard will definately not be compatable with 3GHz+ P4. For a start the CPU sockets are completely different and also the motherboard will not be capable of suporting a modern cpu such as that.

I like the idea of dual boot. Maybe the graphics card is over-specc’d for a machine to learn on (a 32 or 64MB card would be fine to use on a machine to learn on). However if you want to have the machine for serious use afterwards then 128MB+ is maybe the right thing to do. Same potential problem here however as the CPU - your existing mobo may not be capable of suporting a new card.

Good luck with the strip down and re-build, take your time and you’ll learn a lot.

I cant wait a few months it si going to drive me crazy:flip: , anyway my father says the Rand is going to weaken even more.

is Juggy still around? he might know some local places for you to get parts…and I dont know if I would really bother upgrading the practice machine. On a rig that old, to me it doesnt seem worth it to put money into it, if it all still runs. I would take the money you have and put it all in the new one.

Heres an article on how to build a pc from the BBC…only skimmed it though

It has Windows XP on it and I dont want to spend R1800 ($300) extra on it.
Anyway on closer inspection I also decided that the power module needs a upgrade, only runs on 90watts.

See if you can find a dealer that will sell an OEM version… I got offered an XP Home for 100$ CDN.

One computer dealer says that AMD CPU’s are poor quality, they break easily and dont have good service does anyone have anthing to say about this

:lol: lots do, the profit margins on the cheaper and better chips are not as good.

Retail boxed AMD come with 3year warranty and I’ve never ever had to use it. Mind you I’ve never had to use the warranty on a P4 either. To respond to break easily, the original socketA did not have a thermal protection thingy as good as the P4, I believe the new 939 have a new tech in that does prevent damage by overheat, but may be wrong. Poor quality ? Never had one go that didn’t deserve to :devil:

Performance of the 939 core single and dual chips is well over that of equivalent Pentium, until now things are getting interesting with the new Intel Conroe chips.


Does this computer dealer have a stack of Intel cpu’s he wants rid of?

Seriously, you should be cautious of any advice that dealer gives you. If he is prepared to make such a quote, he may be telling you other stuff of dubious intent.

Personally, I have never had any problems with AMD (or Intel for that matter) and as you may be aware I push my rigs quite hard 24/7 with no fails.

More or less final configs after reading many magazines, internet articles etc.:
AMD Athlon 64 X2 4400+
2x1 GB Corsair XMS RAM
GIGABYTE Nvidia nforce4 SLI
nVidia Geforce 7600GT SLI
Seagate Barracuda 7200.10 series 320GB SATA2
Hanns G 19" LCD
5.1 channel speaker
Really cool mouse and Keyboard

All for an estimated cost of R16834.38